The right people with the right expertise are critical
to the success of any project.

It’s why we think it’s important to work out the skills you need and then match those with the best individual or team for the job. Our flexible and collaborative approach to working with others is what sets us apart. 

Malcolm Morrison

Founding Director

An experienced and pragmatic former commercial lawyer. Malcolm has the depth and range of experience needed to lead and manage the commercial aspects of highly complex, multi-faceted business transformation or procurement projects.


Drawing on his extensive procurement and negotiation experience and great people skills, he can help you develop strategies and design procurement processes that are flexible enough to meet your business needs, and also comply with the procurement and legal rules you’re working to. His legal experience and excellent writing skills ensure that your documents are robust and well considered before you engage the lawyers to provide that final endorsement of your document suite.   


A trusted advisor, leader and team player, Malcolm has the expertise and practical skills necessary to understand the challenge, plan a strategy for successful team implementation, and deliver results.


Highly motivated, results driven and unflappable under pressure, Malcolm’s sector experience spans health, welfare, IT, construction, banking, business, insurance, manufacturing and education. Most recently Malcolm has been involved in a range of transformational change projects for central government agencies in New Zealand.