Empower have the experience to transform.

Skilled negotiators and facilitators... 
we can help you understand and communicate the ‘why and what’
– why you’re doing what you’re doing and what difference it will make.

A Powerful Platform for any Successful Project.

Strategy development – ensuring you know what to purchase and why. 

Process design – single or multi-stage beauty parade tailored to ensure you get the critical information you need to find the right provider as quickly as possible.


Delivery – document & implement the strategy, including running/supporting your tender process.


Business case development – articulate the reasons to carry out significant purchases.


Probity – real time probity advice.


Writing tender documents:


FOR PURCHASERS – succinct RFPs that clearly articulate what you want and why, and the evaluation criteria used to score responses. 


FOR PROVIDERS – add professional polish to your proposals, clearly demonstrating why you should be selected from the herd.


Identify a fair position and the reasons why, ensuring a good platform to begin negotiations.

Develop strategies and BATNAs for key points.


Lead negotiation – for you on your behalf or as part of your team.

Lead project delivery.


Project planning – identify key tasks and milestones, and track progress.


Budget management.


Manage up and down the line.


Celebrate reaching significant milestones – create a sense of achievement, keep people motivated.


Deliver on time and within budget.

Help articulate the case for change.


Identify what success looks like.


Develop the vision and supporting communication package for stakeholders.


Lead or help you to realise your vision.

Needs identification – clearly signalling to the market what you want, why you want it, and importantly how it will fit with other systems or software you currently run.


Risk and issue identification and management.


Process design to ensure early opportunity for solution demonstrations (where buying off-the-shelf products or software) to clarify the extent of modification v customisation (a frequent source of scope and price creep).


Delivery and Probity.

Contracting framework consulting and design.


Project leadership or support for contract transfer to new framework.


Training and mentoring. 

Streamlined contracting with NGOs – can tailor packages for NGO providers and government funders.


Contracting for outcomes. 


Writing winning tenders.


Starting a small to medium sized business or buying into an existing one – what you need to know & why.


Standard training packages or tailored suit the needs of your organisation.